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By Chasity Durnell

Simply Google “Karolyn Pho,” and the search results would be bombarded with paparazzi shots of her and the “celebrity” she once dated. But there’s no chance of that overshadowing her fashion career now, especially as the fifth-season designer once again proved her talents with a remarkable presentation at New York Fashion Week.

Pho’s Spring 2015 collection blurred the lines between masculine and feminine, while showcasing a clean aesthetic that has certainly become a signature look. From mock turtlenecks to racerback tank dresses, this bubbly and talented designer is taking the industry by storm. The subtle reference of a “lost between realities” character further emphasizes her vagabond theme. Even better, The Aspiring Fashionista was able to catch up with Karolyn Pho backstage prior to the show to ask her a few questions, from Spring 2015 inspirations to what her superpower might be.

TAF: What was the inspiration behind your Spring/Summer 2015 collection?
KP: The color palette is inspired by South Florida architecture. It’s a lot of pastels mixing matching together with a 60’s vibe. The story is a vagabond, so she is a girl who’s in and out of realities traveling from place to place, not really having a designated home. There’s a carelessness and charm that I’m really drawn to.

What’s the most surprising source of inspiration in your life?
Probably my environment because I’m literally a sponge. So whatever or whomever I am around, I can’t help but to take in their energy or whatever it is emotionally. As much as you are aware of what’s happening, you still get sucked into it without knowing.

What’s your superpower?
My superpower is that I can drink more coffee than anyone in the world, like endless amounts.

Has having dated a celebrity benefit your fashion career in any way?
I don’t think people have really associated the two, which is nice.

Do you have any idols?
I really respect Karl Templer, Karen Kieser, Nicolas Ghesquière and Alexander Wang.

What makes you happy?
My puppy dog Margo, my family and friends, and doing this — being able to show and do what I love every season. It’s the most rewarding thing ever. I love what I do.

Photographed by Dan & Corina Lecca
Production Press & Casting by MAO Public Relations
Make up by Romero Jennings for MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Charlie Price for Scruples Hair Care
Sunglasses by Moscot
Footwear by Dansko

Obey Clothing

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